About Devann Donovan

Devann Donovan is originally from Murrells Inlet, SC and studied at Coastal Carolina University, receiving her Bachelors of Art with a focus in painting and minor in Art History in 2018. She held the Art History tutor position while in school before graduating and working with Wine and Design as the head Painting Instructor. At the time, Donovan also interned with the Art Education Department at the Art Museum prior to accepting a position as Children's Art Educator. During this time, Donovan continues her personal work as a working artist, showing her work in shows in cities like Woodstock, Il, Fayetteville, NC, and Harrisonburg, Va. In addition to her outside work, she is a private tutor for ages 5-15 and works as a painter for local sculptor Jim Swaim. She continues to evolve her work, spending time in her home studio in Conway, SC with her husband and 3 dogs.


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